Membership Committee

Do Something!


When your Chapter doesn't grow;

And attendance is getting low;

Dues are coming awfully slow:

Do Something!


Don't act like you're a dope;

Don't lose every bit of hope;

Don't just sit around and mope;

Do Something!


Don't just open up and close;

There are young members - think of those;

Things are slow enough, God knows;

Do Something!


Find a subject for debate;

Don't go home until it's late;

Start in visiting, fix a date;

Do Something!


Start a sale or have a dance;

Have a picnic, take a chance;

Ask your sisters, friends and aunts;

Do Something!


Do something that will take;

No matter if you lose or make;

But for thunderations sake;



  • Booklets, Articles and Ideas

Listed below are items that have been developed to present ideas to gain new members as well as retaining membership; articles about our wonderful order and other miscellaneous items that have been gathered from here and there.


  1. Cultivating Grass Roots Growth 2009-2012,A General Grand Chapter Membership Idea Booklet

  2. Masonry and OES, an article from Art Lingo, St. Anthony Park 212 Chapter published in the Minnesota Mason Newsletter, January-February 2012




  • Chapter and Member Aids

These aids are available to the Chapters to download and print.  (They look best on light-weight white card stock.)  They are designed to help members explain about all aspects of our wonderful organization.  They can be displayed at the Chapter for guests to see when holding a fund raising event, membership drive, bake sale, pancake breakfast at the Chapter building, etc.  Members of the Grand Chapter Membership Committee are available to attend your functions to assist you when talking to potential candidates.  The Membership Committee Wallet Card provides the names and telephone numbers of our group.  We would appreciate as much advance notice as possible when asking for our assistance, so that we can be fully prepared.

  1. What is Eastern Star Information Take-Away Card.  Designed as a take away for people who are interested in knowing more about OES and provides a summary of OES and what we do best as well as our web site address and telephone contact information.  It is on 1/3 page, front and back.  It is best printed on light-wight white card stock.  It can also be on display at Chapter building for any guest or interested party to take with them.










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