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July & August
May 26, 1890

Unity Chapter meets on both the 2nd and 4th Mondays in April and September.


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Welcome to our website.  Check into the various headings to learn more about us.  If you are already a member of our Order, we invite you to join us at a meeting.  If you are interested in joining the Order of the Eastern Star, the phone number is listed above and we will get the information to you.  You qualify for membership if you are a Mason or are directly related to a Mason.




Unity Chapter #29 had its inception on March 19, 1890, in the Hall of Fidelity Lodge #39, A.F. & A.M. Sixty persons were present to organize the Chapter. The group was under dispensation until May 28, 1890, when the charter was granted. The first officers were Abbie Crane, Worthy Matron, and Eugene Wood, Worthy Patron.

The name UNITY was selected because the group assembled to organize were united in the purpose of forming a chapter. The name has been significant because, through the years, the Chapter has remained united in carrying on the purposes and ideals of the Order of the Eastern Star.

In the early years, the Chapter met in the homes of members for its social events because it was difficult to heat the large hall, and wood and water had to be carried up the long flight of stairs. Kitchen facilities, also, were inadequate. But, in spite of these difficulties, Unity Chapter grew and prospered.

Records indicate a variety of methods to raise funds for yearly charitable projects and to aid Fidelity Lodge in projects for the hall. Really early projects included quilt block committees, dimity balls, book parties, and taffy pulls. The next era of projects included cake walks, silent auctions, salad luncheon -  card parties, paper drives,  bakeless bake sales, and chow mein luncheons. More recent projects include successful floral deliveries for Mothers Day and Valentines Day, Election Day Salad Luncheons, and Super Bowl Spaghetti Dinner.

Over the years, proceeds from these activities have allowed the Chapter to support not only Minnesota Grand Chapter projects but also projects that benefited the Austin area. Donations have been given to the Austin Public Schools, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Austin Public Library, Mower County Humane Society, and Hormel Institute, to name a few. Some of the projects within the hall that benefit all groups which meet there include: carpet, drapes, kitchen equipment, dishes and silverware, card tables, cup racks, chairs, etc.

Through the years, Unity Chapter secretaries have recorded many special events in our minute books: receptions for Grand Officers, honorings of Past Matrons and Past Patrons and the stations of various officers, memorials to lost members, and other special observances.

Members have served Minnesota Grand Chapter as Grand Officers, Grand Pages, Grand Representatives, District Instructors, security, and chair -person and members of various committees.  Several members have served in various positions at the General Grand Chapter level, also.

Currently, Unity Chapter has several members serving at the Grand Chapter level: Bill Hubbard, Grand Organist; Neil Hanson, President of the Minnesota Grand Representatives Association, chair of the Grand Chapter Finance Committee, member of the Trial Commission Committee, and a director on the Masonic Cancer Center Fund, Inc.; Kathy Foster, financial secretary on the ESTARL Committee; Pam Mount, M. Josephine Ruhsam Scholarship Committee, and Mary Hanson, a member of the Grand Chapter Board of Trustees.


            OFFICERS FOR 2013 - 2014


Worthy Matron                    Pam Mount

Worthy Patron                     Steve Neiswanger

Associate Matron               Betty Volkert

Associate Patron                Otto Volkert

Secretary                              Kathy Foster

Treasurer                             Kim Boyne

Conductress                       Kathy Scabbyrobeparnett

Associate Conductress

Chaplain                               Mary Hanson

Marshal                                 Louise Andreson

Organist                                Betty Rabine

Adah                                      Dorothymae Graves

Ruth                                       Terry Donovan

Esther                                    Helen Hecimovic

Martha                                   Harriet Delaney

Electa                                     Peg Adams

Warder                                  Neil Hanson

Sentinel                                 Dean Johnson



Neil Hanson (2)   Harriet Delaney (1)   Peg Adams (3)




June 10                                 Honor Fathers and Flag Day


September 7                        Area Conference in Mankato


September 9                        School of Instruction and Rob Morris Night


September 21                      Reception for Grand Organist


September 23                      Friendship Night; Honor Station of Ruth


October 14                           Official Visit;  Honor Stations of Electa & Organist


November 5                         Election Day Salad Luncheon


November 11                       Veterans Day - Thanksgiving Potluck


December 7                         Unity's Christmas Gathering at 7 p.m.


December 9                         Christmas Meeting


January 13                           New Years - Stone Soup Night


February 2                            Super Bowl Spaghetti Dinner


February 10                         Valentine's Day & Presidents' Day - Men's Night


March 10                               St. Patrick's Day, Memorial Service, Elections

                                                and  Annual Reports - Pizza Night




This year, Worthy Matron Pam and Worthy Patron Steve are honoring the stations of Ruth, Electa, and Organist. Their theme is "Love is for the Heart; Music is for the Soul."

            Unity's projects remain about the same: Floral Deliveries for Mothers Day and Valentines Day, the Election Day Salad Luncheon, the Super Bowl Spaghetti Dinner, and, as in past years, the Bakeless Bake Sale. We are adding Rada Knife Sale.

            Our June meeting is the annual Worthy Matron - Worthy Patron Melon Feed. At this meeting, we will honor Fathers and Flag Day.

            We will be dark July and August. Then, to kick off the fall meetings is an Area Conference, hosted by Cereal Chapter in Mankato.

            The BIG EVENT at Grand Chapter was the installation of Brother Bill Hubbard as Grand Organist. His reception is scheduled for this fall.

Office Contact

11501 Masonic Home Drive
Bloomington, MN 55437

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