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Looking for the pictures from this year's Grand Family travels?  We are currently working on a better way to present them on the website, but in the interim, you can visit and enjoy all the photos there!

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Special Events

WGM, Tracy Keeling, October 2014

Sisters and Brothers: Well, it must be fall in Minnesota, the air is crisp and the Grand Family is on the road! September and October always seem to be the busiest months for the Grand Family, and looking at my calendar I see that this year is no exception. We've got Official ... Read More

WGP, Dick McGinnis, October 2014

We were busy before and now we are busier.  Everywhere we have gone has been a learning experience. In Moorhead, I saw a great sign above the counter in the dining room. It shows all the charities that the chapter and lodge support and includes the official logo ... Read More

Minnesota Masonic Charities / OES 2013 - "Angels Among Us"

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